Ron Schara

Title: Executive Producer / Founded Ron Schara Productions in 1995
Years in Industry: 40+
Experience:  Telling stories about the outdoors, meeting people who appreciate the wonders of nature...This has been the experience of Ron Schara for more than 40 years.

Ron grew up in northeast Iowa's rugged bluff country where his love of nature took him to Iowa State University.  He majored in both journalism and fish and wildlife biology.  

As an award-winning outdoor columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Ron spent years telling his tales.  His writings and observations capture the essence of the natural world.  As his newsaper popularity grew in the Midwest, Ron began painting pictures with both words and video to share his love for the outdoors.  In 1995 he launched the show, Minnesota Bound, with his black lab sidekick, Raven, as the star of the show.

Now, through television, newspaper and radio success, Ron has become a vital resource and champion for outdoor issues. 

Critics regard Ron as America's premiere outdoor storyteller. Such Praise has earned him a national following.  Ron has hosted television shows on ESPN, Versus, Outdoor Channel and Fox Sports Network.

Ron is a member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as well as the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame where he resides.  Ron has also received the coveted, Silver Circle Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award,