Production Studio

Ron Schara Productions offers a full service production studio for all of your custom video production needs.  Light your own set and haul in your equipment to create a video project with unlimited possibilities.  Book our space, OR hire us to create your production for you.  The options are endless!

The production studio measures 30 X 30 ft with a ceiling height of 15 ft.  Our garage door is large enough to drive your Truck, Boat, or ATV through.  The walls are curved eliminating lines in the shot which allow your background to go on forever.  Props can be moved throughout the studio to accommodate any set.

Ron Schara Productions offers studio lighting opportunities already in place, or lighting fixtures can be brought in for necessary projects.

To add another dimension to your setup, simply use our camera jib, already set in place.  

Our entire studio can be transformed into a green screen room for any project.  Film your shot and insert the background you want!

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