Network: History Channel
A huge History Channel success, MonsterQuest took viewers on a ride across the world in search of legendary creatures.  Using technology and science, each episode examined the evidence behind creatures such as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster to find out if they are in fact real.  With experts, skeptics and eyewitness believers weighing in, the search for each creature comes up... well you just had to watch to see.  Ron Schara Productions teamed up with History Channel and their producers to bring this hit series to the top of cable network charts for 4 successful seasons of MonsterQuest. 


Network: Outdoor Channel
Legends of Rod & Reel gave viewers a look into the world of legendary anglers across the country.  From coast to coast, first cast to the last, their stories became legendary.  As an Outdoor Channel original series, Legends of Rod & Reel covered the biggest names in the fishing industry and shared what made them America's best!