Dara Hartzler

Title:      Accountant/Business Manager
Email:    Dara@mnbound.com
Years in Industry:  {Accounting?} 30
Other Website: www.jadeindustries.com
Experience:  Dara Hartzler has worked in accounting related fields for 30 years. She started in her step-dad’s business when she was 14, and started her own company 14 years ago. She has two bachelors degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. Dara loves business development and growth strategies and works with small to mid-sized businesses across the Twin Cities.

Dara joined the RSP team in 2014 and aspires to be on her VERY OWN show [if they will let her J ].

She loves fishing and is the best sunny filet-er if there ever was a contest.  Dara is also an avid hand-gun owner and she is trying to improve on her trap shoot count as we speak.

When Dara isn’t fileting fish, shooting targets, or preparing financials, she enjoys traveling, reading, and eating sushi with her daughter Mikaela.