Network: NBC/ KARE 11

Ron Schara, and his trusted black lab, Raven, began sharing stories of the outdoor lifestyle back in 1995.  Minnesota Bound is the show that started it all for Ron Schara and he quickly found a passion for putting his words onto the television screen. Today, hosted by Bill Sherck and Laura Schara, Minnesota Bound remains a trademark program, running nearly 900 episodes strong.  This show is more than just a hunting or fishing program.  We seek characters that have a story to tell.  We explore outdoor destinations and find out what makes them special.  We share the love of outdoors and those that enjoy it.  Minnesota Bound is a fan favorite winning several hundred OWAA awards during its lifespan, including more than 15 Emmy Awards.


Network: Fox Sports Networks & Wild TV

Grab your helmet and head for the trail. Destination Polaris is a program all about the passions of America’s ATV riders. From sand dunes to mountains peaks, canyon rides to mud pits, Destination Polaris is your authority for all terrain travel. Hosts, Jared Christie and Lindsey Hayes, join riding experts as they discover remote trail systems and the world's top ATV riding locations.  Plus, each week feature an ATV machine overhaul that we like to call, Project "X."


Made for the Outdoors throws open the factory doors to show how the most popular brands of outdoor gear are made.  Americans are passionate about their outdoor gear – each year spending billions of dollars on the products they use most.  Our hosts, Bill Sherck & Lindsey Hayes dig into the production process starting with the raw materials, and ending with a finished product at work in the field.


Network: Discovery Channel
Website: OperationFishingFreedom

“Operation: Fishing Freedom,” is a TV show that is part fishing show, part historical documentary. Each episode features veterans sharing the story of their military service, all while enjoying one of the most tranquil pastimes: fishing. The show’s founder, Jay Garstecki and his partner Ben Olson, split co-hosting duties, each taking one veteran on a fishing trip per 30-minute episode. "I’ve heard countless stories of heroism that were too meaningful to go untold; so Operation: Fishing Freedom was born,” says Garstecki.


Due North Outdoors features the people, places and pursuits of the upper Midwest outdoor lifestyle.  A duo of dynamic hosts, Lindsey Hayes and Travis Frank, share stories and timely tips about hunting, fishing and life outdoors.  We meet incredible characters and find out what makes them tick.  Plus, we uncover unique destinations and the best times to be there.  Legendary story-tellers, Ron Schara, Laura Schara & Bill Sherck also joins the cast weekly for stories with an outdoor impact.  Airing weekly on Fox Sports Network, (North & Wisconsin) Due North Outdoors is one of the most popular regional outdoor shows today.


"The Flush" WILL make your heart thump!  Launched in 2012, The Flush takes upland hunting and the work of Pheasants Forever to new heights on the Outdoor Channel.  Emmy award-winning hosts Bill Sherck, Ron Schara & Travis Frank team up to guide viewers on some of North America’s most exciting upland bird hunting adventures.  Each trip highlights the work and dedication of Pheasants Forever supporters, and promotes the mission of the nation’s most efficient conservation organization. “The Flush” documents bird hunts like you’ve never seen before!


Rooster Tales - where the ringneck pheasant is the star of the show!  Hosted by, Travis Frank, Rooster Tales celebrates the upland lifestyle and the great characters who work to protect and create wild bird habitat.  A spin off from the classic Pheasants Forever Television show on Outdoor Channel, Rooster Tales brings decades of stories to Fox Sports Network.  Airing during the fall season, a new Rooster Tale is shared every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.


Backroads with Ron and Raven celebrates the outdoor life-style with an emphasis on unique characters. The show is a hallmark of Ron Schara Productions, driven by Emmy-award winning writing and storytelling.  Backroads originally started as an ESPN favorite in the 90's with host Ron Schara and his sidekick lab, Raven.  They toured the country sharing stories from well-known and unknown outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Today Ron continues to share these outdoor passions and pursuits through Fox Sports Network (North & Wisconsin) on a weekly basis. Join Ron and his black lab Raven as they head to the back roads.

Past Productions


Network: History Channel

A huge History Channel success, MonsterQuest took viewers on a ride across the world in search of legendary creatures.  Using technology and science, each episode examined the evidence behind creatures such as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster to find out if they are in fact real.  With experts, skeptics and eyewitness believers weighing in, the search for each creature comes up... well you just had to watch to see.  Ron Schara Productions teamed up with History Channel and their producers to bring this hit series to the top of cable network charts for 4 successful seasons of MonsterQuest. 


Network: RFD TV

Machinery Pete’s Auction of the Week is a weekly, magazine-style television show that features farm equipment, auctions, and lifestyles of rural America.  Viewers will experience the world of farm auctions through the eyes of their host and guide, Greg “Machinery Pete” Peterson.  Viewers will travel on the road with Machinery Pete to great places and encounter unique characters who share a passion for farm equipment and the high energy that comes from farm auctions.


Network: Outdoor Channel

Legends of Rod & Reel gave viewers a look into the world of legendary anglers across the country.  From coast to coast, first cast to the last, their stories became legendary.  As an Outdoor Channel original series, Legends of Rod & Reel covered the biggest names in the fishing industry and shared what made them America's best! 


Network: Outdoor Channel

FOXPRO Furtakers is the first, and only, all predator hunting show on Outdoor Channel.  Hosted by FOXPRO's Professional hunters, Mike Dillon, Abner Druckenmiller and Al Morris, this trio covers North America in search of the ultimate predator hot spots.  It's fast paced and fast action - totally unscripted.  Each episode of Furtakers features multiple hunts, non-stop action, and the latest information about tactics, gear and locations.